Framingham Coalition
   For The Prevention Of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
   118 Union Avenue, Framingham, Massachusetts 01702
  (508) 879-6874
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The Framingham Coalition, Inc. is an organization open to all people who share a common interest in working to involve all people, and is dedicated to creating a safe and healthy Framingham community that addresses issues of alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse and other related social problems.

WHAT is the Framingham Coalition?
The Coalition is a community Organization committed to reducing alcohol, drug abuse and other social problems.

WHO are the members of the Framingham Coalition?
The Framingham Coalition participants make up the Action Teams of youth, parents and from people of all sectors of the community including business, schools, higher education, social service, law enforcement, the faith community, court systems, recreational services, elected officials and health care professionals.

WHY should I join the Framingham Coalition?
-The Coalition is working toward building a community free from alcohol, drug abuse and other social problems.
-As a member, you can make a difference through your participation and example.
-It's an opportunity to network with community representatives.
-Members receive the Coalition newsletter, education and training opportunities and have access to resource materials.
MA Agencies

MA Dept. of Public Health

MA Dept. of Children and Families

MA Bureau of Substance Abuse

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